The Bachelor

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Did you watch The Bachelor?! Did you?! Did you?! I can only watch it on Tuesdays because I don't have TV so I view it on Hulu but...

OH! It was so HORRIBLE! I LOVED it! From fake hair girl who was all "I'm a singer" and then so wasn't- to the girl with vampire fangs. I can't get enough of this stuff. And there's one lady I hate so much already I don't know if I can watch this season. She drives me nuts. Honestly, she's edited to be every woman I despise!

Scott was all "why do you watch this show? You think it's dumb and it's a waste of time."

So I gave him this analogy:

Scott is to

As Carrie is to

He seemed to understand after that. Because I can't for the life of me figure out why Scott likes to watch people take on ridiculous challenges where they know they're going to get hurt and most likely fail... and Scott can't understand for the life of him why I like to watch people take on a ridiculous love challenge where they know they're going to get hurt and most likely fail.

After we had that talk, he couldn't say much and now accepts that I watch it.

This better not be as boring as Ali's season- I fast forwarded through most of that yawn.


  1. Sweet! Now I don't feel so bad, because my husband tells me that show is a waste of time. How ridiculous was Alli's season? I watched like the first three episodes and was done. It should be up to the viewers who gets to be the next Bachlor/Bachlorette

  2. I like Wipeout! It is funny! I deleted The Bachelor off my dvr. Just can't do it again. Everytime I watch it I think why did I do that. So Scott, move over because Wipeout is on!

  3. I watched it on hulu yesterday too, and it was INCRE-dibly awful in the best way possible. This may or may not be (who am I kidding- it totally is) really bad, but I feel so much better about myself when I watch reality television. I feel like my life has so much meaning.

    Ok. I'm going to go repent now.

  4. But how priceless were the following things in Alli's season:

    1. "Rated R" getting called out, and then hopping around the landscaping outside the hotel, trying to elude the camera. HAHAHA!

    2. Kasey... songs and all. You can't write crap like that!

    3. Sketchy, sketchy Frank dumping Alli for not-as-cute ex-girlfriend and the major fake-cry scene that ensued.

    Now that's what I call must-see-TV!

  5. Anonymous7:07 PM

    It's one of those shows you don't want to watch but you can't turn your head cause you know there is gonna be some huge drama that you just can't miss.

    There are 3 girls I can't believe he kept. Yes the girl who slapped him, the vampire girl (what is up w/those teeth she thinks is sexy) and yes the singer I think she has a few marbles rolling around upstairs.

    Will be interesting and my hubby won't watch it so I either DVR it or go into the b/r to watch it.


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