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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I had a pretty rockin' first trimester of pregnancy. Some would say that I was sick all the time because I was constantly nauseous (unless I was eating: hello 10lbs in 3 months), but I never threw up so I didn't consider myself "so sick." I have met too many women who had to empty their stomachs non-stop- my nausea was nothin'.

Then, all of the sudden around week 13 it started to intensify. In two weeks, I have gone from virtually no sickness at all to not being able to ride in the backseat of a car.
Today was especially bad. I just couldn't keep anything down and I have been so confused. I took the day off from my internship and went back and forth from the kitchen to the bathroom to the couch. Miserable.
Then Scott called and reminded me that I had signed up to bring dinner to a family in our church congregation. Great. Exactly what I want to do.

I made my mom's broccoli cheese soup and gagged the entire time from the smell.

But then something happened. Somewhere between peeling the potatoes and switching my small overflowing pot for a bigger one, something clicked.

Suddenly, I was able to stop my pregnancy pity party and remembered
WHY I had signed up to bring dinner to this family.

Because the mom had had several spinal surgeries, some of which went wrong, and most recently had a morphine drip basically installed in her spinal cord. I had heard she was in a lot of pain, and I had seen her husband at church. Tired. Hopeful- but very tired. I remembered how much my heart had gone out to them. I had daydreamed over and over that day in church that I had gone up and asked if there was anything I could do, but every time the daydream would end with the husband saying something along the lines of: "that's very kind, but we'll be alright."
Then, I remembered how excited I was to get the sign-up list for meals. Here was this poor woman, who in the past had spinal fluid leaking out of her back and I all I had was a few throw-up sessions for one day.

Although I continued to gag through cooking the meal, I became very determined to make the best soup ever. Blame it on the hormones if you want, but I also felt incredibly emotional. How self-absorbed I was all day!

When I got to the family's apartment, I was served ANOTHER slice of humble pie when I was told not to come in because the mom and daughter both had the flu.

What I'm saying is, I was pretty miserable today. And maybe you were pretty miserable today. But I guarantee that somewhere there is someone more miserable than you that could really use a hot serving of broccoli cheese soup.


  1. good call. Also, is it possible that you're just sick?

  2. It COULD be, but measuring by the smell-gag reflex ratio, and the lack of other symptoms, I think I just had a rough day.

    Feeling tons better today though.

  3. I only puked once or twice the first trimester. But when the second hit, baby girl was making me puke every morning. So first thing before getting out of bed was saltines, then it changed to cheerios, then honey bunches of oats, then cinnamon toast crunch, and as long as I had something to absorb whatever was in there I could keep it down. But I was only sick in the morning then, I hope you find something that helps for you because it is a no fun feeling.


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