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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Listen. I'm moving in two weeks. I'm not going to put up a tree that I'll just take down. My small box of Christmas decorations will not be unpacked before the move. This is a bit sad for me. One of my most favorite parts of being married was having my own little space to get festive. I love to over-celebrate holidays.

This year, I forgot what day Christmas was on. Because my halls are decked with cardboard, packaging tape, and finals.

HOWEVAH! I am desperately trying to bring in at least a little holiday cheer:

I realized I never showed up on here with a picture of the ornaments I made for my mom's annual ornament party!

I ended up finishing these at 3:30am the morning of the party- but I think they still turned out pretty cute. And they were a hit- which was my goal. Because I'm Lorna Sylvester's daughter and I have a lot to live up to. Because Lorna Sylvester makes stuff like this:

Seriously. How does she do it?!

Both ornament patterns were found in Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Craft magazine.
You know you want one.

Also, today, Scott and I watched Polar Express and, fittingly, drank hot chocolate.

I wasn't satisfied though. And I got this idea from the kids I was jealous of in church today... I printed off some coloring pages online. And I made my grown-man color Christmas pages with me. With crayons.

'Tis the season, eh?


  1. let's not talk about you moving, okay? i can't handle it.

  2. SO SWEET! I had no idea you could print out coloring book pages online . . . that little piece of information just might change my life. ;) I'm impressed with those ornaments and I want a copy of that magazine!

  3. can you make me a penguin.... i love penguins...

    you're amazing carrie. xox :)


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