The Christmas Card

Monday, December 6, 2010

Every year, I would watch my mom stress over writing an annual Christmas card. She would buy beautiful Christmas stationary, put on some Amy Grant Christmas, and then pull her hair out for close to two hours. Then, she would read, and re-read the letter to me over and over again until she felt good about it. One year, she made me do it.
After it was written, and printed out on that beautiful paper, envelopes were stuffed, a picture included, and sent out around the country to all our friends and family.

And then there was a recession.

Suddenly, my mailbox is no longer full of Christmas cards and letters. My INBOX, however, is a different story. To be honest, I have fully planning on sending my own Christmas E-letter.

I really, really like these classic one photo cards. What's the point of a picture if you can't see it? Am I right?

But these collage cards are so cute, too! How can you even begin to decide?!

They also have a ton of really cool Christmas gifts that, quite frankly, I didn't know existed. Like turning a photo into a wall decal. Seriously?!

Speaking of gifts- I want to get Scott another desk calendar like I did last year, and these are pretty adorable:

The point is this: it may not be the cheapest way to share your family's last year, but there is something magical about receiving a personalized Christmas card from friends and family- and Shutterfly makes it pretty affordable.

Especially with this new promotion they're doing- which is where this post came from anyway.
For more free stuff- check THIS out.

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  1. I was going to do this and then they told me it had to be 200 words and I realized I was wayyy too lazy. Good work! I wish i were so motivated.


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