Friday, December 17, 2010

Today I cried all morning because instead of being angry about our move to Utah, I have become incredibly sad. And that's okay- no matter what you try to tell me. Because if I'm not sad now, I'll just be sad later, so it's good to get it out of the way, right?

Today we loaded all of our furniture into the moving truck before we were done packing our house. And I was horrified that people could see the state my house was in and stressed out when they asked me: "what can I do next" until Liz was my mouthpiece and said in front of everyone: "Yeah Carrie, we know you can't focus on packing and direct moving at the same time. I'll come back later." And I could have kissed her right there in front of everybody.

Today after everyone left I went to get to work "focusing on packing" but became exhausted. This was a problem because our bed is packed. So Liz let me sleep in her bed for a 30min nap that turned into 2 hours.

Today I started packing again and felt those big emotions come up so I took a break to blog about them.

Today is not the best day I've ever had... but at least I'm okay.


  1. Oh Carrie. I'm so sorry you have to leave Rexburg. It's ridiculous how the place grows on a person.

  2. Anna. That is an inside joke that should never ever die.


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