Last Night

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I went out to eat with my best girlfriends here and I was all: "yeah, I'm really busy so I'll have to leave pretty fast after we eat."

And my friends were all: "yeah, we totally get that."

And before I knew it, the clock was all: "it's 1:30 in the morning, and you've been with your friends for 6 1/2 hours."

And I was all: "but I don't want it to end because that means I have to pack my apartment and remember the whole reason for going out to dinner in the first place was to have one last hurrah together before we all move away permanently."

And my pillow was all: "you can cry on me."


  1. my heart aches for you. I've had those nights. I have a feeling utah will be lovely for you, and you will be Very lovely for utah.

  2. I'm gonna have a BREAKDOWN on Saturday. Just sayin'.

  3. ohhhh. This is so sad.


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