Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Here's what has happened:

On Monday, we got back to Rexburg 30 min. before class started.
-I went to class
-I went to work. All of my co-workers were out of the office sick with colds. I sprayed Lysol on the phone.
-I got off work 45 min. late and misunderstood a rehearsal time.
-I got an unexpected (although incredibly kind) invitation to go see White Christmas put on by the Playmill Theater.
-I studied for my exam for my mental health class during intermission.
-I got home at midnight, kissed my husband and went to bed.

On Tuesday, I had appointments and class all morning.
-One appointment got rescheduled.
-I aced my exam.
-I got good news.
-I spent my one hour of free time taking our maroon-turned-white-by-salt-Camry through the car wash and drove out with a bent antenna, a smashed side mirror, and a very grumpy apology from the owner.
-I had rehearsal right after that.
-I spent the next 4 hours making sure I had my lines memorized. All 15 or something pages of them.
-I then participated in the WORST performance of Doubt you have EVER seen.
-Including laughing, skipping about 6 pages of script, having my nun-habit-head dress fall off so looked like a black and white worm, laughing again and finally mercy killing the whole thing by over-dramatically shouting: "I HAVE DOUBTS! I HAVE SUCH DOUBTS!" ... The real performance of this is next Thursday. Here's to our cast of three having all of our legs break.
-I got home at 11pm to a husband who had made me butternut squash soup.
-I fell asleep trying to keep warm with him on the couch.

On Wednesday, I was hit by a train.
-This is a lie. I actually just FELT like I was hit by a train. Because my head was splitting and my nose was running and apparently I didn't put enough Lysol on the phone on Monday.
-My husband left me.
-This is a half-lie. He left for Utah to go to a wedding and for work today. Not because he couldn't stand me anymore.
-I slept. And slept. And slept.
-Amber brought me orange juice.
-I did tons of homework.
-I watch a heart-wrenching yet oddly beautiful documentary on young teenage prostitutes.
-I said "screw finishing up the 30 day photo challenge."

Wow. Boring post eh? Boring life, I guess. Once I get my head together (literally), I will find more interesting things to say. Part of me thought maybe I should take a 3 week vacation from blogging until the semester's over.

One other thing: My mom was telling me that there have people asking her "what's wrong" with me. As in, what's going on in my life that makes me write things on my blog: "it's just too personal to talk about." My mom and I then had a really good discussion on what I "owe" my readers. I argued I owe them nothing. She argued that I have a public blog and therefore have taken the responsibility of having people invested. I guess I just figured no one really cared what I wrote on here, but through "are-you-okay" phone calls from distant friends who just read my blog and thought I was going through some life-crisis, I've come to understand differently.

I still don't feel like I have to tell you everything that's going on- but know that it's nothing more than what your life is probably like right now. I'm moving out of state (which includes packing and cleaning). I'm trying to get my first set of straight A's in my last semester of classes. I'm trying to tie up my internship. I'm working and I'm involved with a theatre scene and on and on, you know? Life is just kind of in limbo right now- nothing is done but everything is started. And I HATE being in limbo. I looooathe being in limbo.

BUT. We have found an apartment. Scott got in-state tuition for U of U. I am this close to finalizing my internship. And I sold everything we won't be taking with us to Utah, so I don't have anything I have to "go through" while packing.

So life is good. Busy? Yes. A little stressful? Yes. But good. So don't worry, my dear invested reader (hi, mom)- life is great, and I'm okay. I'm happy.

If you don't believe me, today is day 30- a picture of you when you were happy.



  1. If it means anything to you, I don't feel like you owe me anything:) BUT if you DO feel like you owe me something I have a HBSE paper due in a few hours that I don't want to write because I seriously feel like I'm on my deathbed. Okay, I'm not dying, but if I were, I bet I would feel this miserable.

  2. i love that you had that conversation with your mom- my mom's the exact opposite and sometimes goes through short phases where she wants me to take our blog private, mostly when she realizes she's not the only reader... which i think is really funny.


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