An Update Post.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My laptop is finally feeling the internet connection love. It's been 4 long days without the blogging world. All at once irritating, claustrophobic, and kind of nice.

But a lot has happened, and I feel like re-capping it- if not for my own sanity.

Scott and I traveled to Boise where I attended my mom's 9th annual "Lornament Party." 24 ladies, 22 ornaments, and a whole lot of coniving later, it was all in all successful. I was proud because I had finished my ornament's at 3:30am the night before but they were a hit and I have to say, pretty darn cute. I'll somehow incorporate them with my 30 day photo challenge update.

After celebrating Thanksgiving early with my family, we headed down to Utah to spend the rest of the break with Scott's family. We took about two days to look for an apartment and after some HORRIBLE driving conditions, I'm happy to announce that we found a great place at a pretty great price. It's exactly like my apartment now- only better. Which is great. Because I love my apartment and am having some attachment issues over leaving it.

There was a blizzard that came and didn't stay. There was Thanksgiving day with all my adorable neices and the whole family. There was a conversation with my brother-in-law that answered some questions I've had for years. There was the worst Black Friday I have ever experienced (but at least I got this rug):

There was classic roller-skating, being trapped in the jungle gas chamber with my sister-in-law, and pineapple.

There were board games. There were grandparents. There was overwhelming amounts of beige colored food. There were left-overs, and more games, and a joke that went like this:

Uncle Mark: "Why did the policeman sit on his watch?"

Claire (3 years old, and with NO hesitation): "Because he didn't know it was THERE!"

And right now, there is homework. But not as much as I thought there was. And there is snow. But way more than there should be.

I will update my 30 day photo thing tomorrow. I am full of pride and determined to finish it. But for now, I'll leave you with day 29: A photo of someone you find attractive.
Can you guess who?

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