A quick ode to summer.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

As November settles in, it's given us some decent days like today that leave Scott and I walking through the park by our house right after he gets off work. Days when you can wear a sweater, but no coat. These are my most favorite fall days.

I do get nervous, though, as winter approaches. I might try to like it again. I did that once back in 2006. I desperately tried to like winter by snow shoeing and sledding and drinking my weight in hot chocolate. It didn't work. Winter bugs me.

With that said, I should probably reminess NOW about about summer. Scott and I had a pretty Neverlandesque summer this year. Adventures were around every corner, and we went to like a billion places.

Hare Krishna Festival in Spanish Fork, Utah: March 2010

Epic Washington Vacation
August 2010

I know the camping one wasn't technically summer, and neither was the Hare Krishna Festival, but both of those things felt like summer to me. I also didn't include the quick weekend trips like visits to Boise and Yellowstone Park. But hey- you get the drift.

Also, this is day 4: a picture of the place you last went on holiday. Guess I did that.

You should also know that Biscuit is having an enormous giveaway. For more cool stuff like that, check out my "You should See This" tab. I didn't give it that title for nuttin'


  1. I absolutely LOVE winter! Fall is my favorite and Spring is my least favorite. Winter brings cuddling, beautiful, serene snow scenes, fires, warm comfort food (that isn't cooked during hot months), holidays, and planning fun summer vacations (sometimes just planning and dreaming is more fun than doing it). Just try to remember the joy you found as a child when you saw snow. I LOVE WINTER!

  2. Oh Tami. I promise I will try this winter. But I make no promises what the result will be!


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