My Town(s)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today is day 22: a picture of your town.

Let's go back. This is what I consider MY town to be:

Le Bois'. Otherwise known as Boise. If you know me at all, you know I can bear my testimony of this place all day long. It a beautiful city. Michael Buble calls it America's best kept secret, and he was telling the truth.

This is my current town:

Good ol' Rexburg, Idaho. I've been living in this college town on and off since '04. I always tell the freshmen I encounter "I've been here since before the round-about" and they stare at me like I'm ancient and then I give them some old person advice.

And this is the town we're going to be living in come mid-December:

Salt Lake City, Utah. Home of Mormonism, the 2002 Winter Olympics and skiing, and plastic surgery. I'm not 100% thrilled to be moving here, but it will be fun to be able to actually have new places to see, concerts to go to, and family near-by.

Anyway, which is "my town?" Take your pick.


  1. I visited Salt Lake City over the Summer. Its nice , very clean. It looks funny though. Its like a city thrown in the middle of no where but you'll like it.

  2. plastic surgery LOL those billboards are ridiculous!!

  3. That picture of Rexburg is really cool! In a really trippy way...

  4. Carrie! Remember how we kept saying we should hang out and then never did? Well you are moving to Utah... I live in Utah... Lets hang out and really do it. I would luuuurrrve that.


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