Maybe I've Just Snapped.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

You know when you have an incredible amount of stuff to do? So much, that thinking about others almost seems like an impossible option, and you get really, really mad when you feel obligated to others? When you start laughing for no reason because life seems so overwhelming it's laughable?

That's how I feel right now. Because I am at work. And it's 9pm.

But you know what? Almost everything is done! I'm serious!
And tomorrow, I get to see my MOM!
And I'm blessed enough to be able to see my family AND my in-laws this Thanksgiving.
And I haven't screamed aaaaall week!
And I feel like I'm doing great, for the emotional wreck that I am.
And that makes me feel like this:


  1. your adorableness should be illegal.
    this is not a joke.

  2. I second that. :)

  3. You're cute. I'm not joking, either.

  4. Carrie, you're so awesome!

  5. DARLING! and i just got unreasonably excited to see you're reading 'this is not chick lit.' i hope you love it!


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