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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My friend Anna was surprised by her husband with a copy of Disney's Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and it got me all nostalgic and fuzzy thinking about those AWESOME Disney Channel Original movies from the early 2000's.

Remember these?:

Zetus Lupetez! I'm pretty sure I need to find hot pink leggings and a blue mini-skirt
so I can be Zenon for Halloween!

"None-Ya what?"
"None-Ya business."

I remember when EVERYONE thought this Riley Smith guy was the hottest things since *NSYNC

I freaking loved this movie.
...You know, back before Lindsay Lohan became a drug addict.

Surf's Up Brah!
C'mon. This is EVERYONE'S favorite.

This is probably my personal favorite. The single-dad family moves into a technologically advanced house and it ends up taking over!

I can't list all the D.C.O.M's I love, but let's leave an honorable mention for:
-Halloweentown (arguably the WORST D.C.O.M. ever)
- Jett Jackson the Movie
- Phantom of the Megaplex
-Cadet Kelly
- And that one with the Sister Sister twins who turn their Grandma and Grandpa into teenagers again.
That's a classic.


  1. haha! YES! You should see the previews before "Zenon", they are all of those movies! I was dying. brought me right back to middle school/high school sitting on my couch.

  2. a few years ago I bought "teen witch" and "wish upon a star" they are a little bit older, but some of my favorites!

  3. we're SOUL skaters!
    i loved roller blading when that movie came out.

  4. Carrie, I totally found your blog through a link on Jules' blog... but I just want to comment on this trip down disney channel memory lane... I laughed harder and harder as I scrolled down the page! Seriously I watched all of these and use to quote some of the lines you brought up from each of them. Thank you!

  5. I haven't heard of any of those movies. Though I really liked Teen Witch, which is a little older (like someone else said).

  6. Wow. I was apparently the least childlike child in the entire world. I don't recognize a single one of these movies, except Life-Size, which I've never seen. I'm feeling either left out or superior...I can't decide which. And let's be honest, they're often one and the same.

  7. Go Zenon!! That movie was my absolute favorite!!!

  8. Carrie:

    This is off the blog post topic (sorry).

    I really like you. I mean, at least the blog you. Maybe someday we'll run into eachother at the grocery store and I'll meet the in-person you.

    I'm totally in support of your veganness for the month. I'm glad I can be of help, let me know should you have questions. I may have answers.

    You rock.

    P.S. If it means anything, I LOVE being vegan, and I ain't ever going back!


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