Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A good friend of mine recommended that I read the Fablehaven series. She said it wasn't as well written as Harry Potter, but that she enjoyed reading it just as much as Harry Potter. I read the first book, and am about 100 pages into the second, and I'm going to have to say that while I throughly enjoy the series so far, it is nowhere NEAR Harry Potter. Not even a little bit.

Still, I love this new world that was created. I find the two main characters witty and hilarious! For me, this series has become a perfect, fantastic escape from everyday life. They are also super easy reads. Because they don't take huge amounts of brain power, I've found these books are great after I come home from work and want to unwind. Way better than the crap on T.V. you know? I both LOVED the Hunger Games series, and felt beat up by the end of them, so these adorable Fablehaven books have healed my gaping Panem wounds.

So, I would recommend this book if you want a 5th grade level read with funny characters and a fantasy plot.

It's been delightful so far :)


  1. Loved the first. Second was OK. Third was great. Fourth was AWESOME. ;-)

  2. Oh! P.S. I'm reading The Graveyard Book right now and it's a little scary... but totally different from any other fantasy I've read. It's about a boy who grows up in a graveyard and has ghosts as parents. Just thought I would share.

  3. He came to a publishing class I took last semester and he was really funny. I think he's pretty popular in Provo and my brother loves him, too so I'm not surprised someone compared the books to Harry Potter. And I agree with the post above me- the Graveyard Book is a little disturbing/scary. At least at the start.

  4. geez, carrie, this post/your blog is SO depressing. you should cheer the F up.

    just kidding! what's with the psycho readers lately? haha. seriously though, i have to check these books out, maybe they'll be my thanksgiving/christmas break reading.

  5. @Erin and Lissa: That Graveyard books sounds PERFECT for Halloween!

    @Brandilyn: Did I tell you about that?! I was just going to ignore it haha! My response was: "Hope you find sunshine elsewhere!" But seriously, if one blog can ruin your day, it's YOU that has the depression issue.

  6. I am glad they have given you an escape place. That's what they did for me. I couldn't quit reading them until I was done with the series. Like I said- Harry Potter has better writing, and is much more complex (which probably boils down to better authoring) but they were fun for me to read like HP was. It should be known, however, that I own all the hard backs of Harry Potter, while I think I will just check Fablehaven out from the library when I want to.


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