Reasons I love fall and a Small Giveaway

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I love autumn. I feel pretty redundant saying that to the blog world because I have yet to find a blog that says "I hate autumn because I hate color and happiness."

But I love blustery days with no sun and a good excuse to wear a sweater that's been sitting in my "winter clothes" box. I love making stew.

(That's vegetarian borscht that would knock your socks off)

I love baking 8 loaves of zucchini bread to get rid of all the zucchini in our fridge and STILL have some left over. I love taking those loaves to friends happy to receive. I love to see them shocked that the bread is vegan.

I love cuddling with Scott during rainstorms.

And I really love carving pumpkins. Which we did. On Monday. Usually I'm a three triangles and a jagged tooth smile kind of girl, but this year, we ventured out and followed a template. I think they turned out pretty awesome:


What's that? You noticed it was the 200th post today? You think I should do a small giveaway to celebrate? Don't mind if I do.

How about a nice copy of one of my most FAVORITE books of all time?

Perfect for cuddling up in your snuggie while your leaf-shaped sugar cookies bake.
I would know.

We're gonna make this real simple, folks.

You must be a follower
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Tell me what you love the most about fall and sign your name!

I'll pick a winner on Saturday, October 16th

Thanks for reading this far!
I know my last few posts have been a bit wordy, but I have so much going through my head right now. I wish I was Dumbledore and could put a wand to my head and take out all my thoughts in a blue string of light and put them in a vat of memories so I don't have think about them.

But I can't be a wizard. So I'm a blogger.


  1. OH I would love to read that book! It sounds so interesting!

    Follower :)

    eplusjustin at yahoo dot com
    Just Better Together

  2. I wish I were a wizard too... hence blogger as well :)


    I love all the warmth that comes with the cold weather. It seems we all open our hearts, our pantries, put on our sweaters, eat yummy soups, etc. It makes life a little more cozy while the trees are starting to change and that little nip is added to the air.


    PS I have a recipe for you

  3. "I can't be a wizard. So I'm a blogger."

    This is my new favorite quote. I'm going to use this all the time.

  4. I can't be a wizard. So I'm a blogger who loves fall. My most favorite thing is not feeling guilty for the amount of hot chocolate I drink. It's fall. It's what you're supposed to do.


    fullmerfrontier at gmail dot com

  5. Since I have this pretty mcuh memorized, I'm not sure why I would want it, but I do! :-)


    And stupid music!


  6. Oh Geez! What's there NOT to love about fall?! Other than all the obvious reasons listed (the colors, the fires, the hot chocolate, the SWEATERS! I LOVE sweaters! the list goes on...) I love fall because it's the perfect temperature. Summer's too hot for me (and being pregnant, it hasn't helped) and I was SO excited that at 8 months pregnant I was finally able to put a turtle neck on and have sleeves and not die! I love cuddling, and it's the perfect temperature to cuddle, and have a blanket to snuggle up in. It's wonderful. I love going outside and not having to bundle up, but not sweating the second I step out either!
    I love the smell of fall, I love the FEEL of fall. I love all the seasons coming up! There is so much cute stuff you can do for Halloween, cooking and decorating and costumes! And then there's EGG NOG and PUMPKIN PIE. Two of the best things ever that for some reason only come around fall time!
    And this fall is even more special because I'm going to have my first little child and couldn't be more excited! (and it's made me appreciate the temperature even more!) Oh, and because of my baby, I get to quit JBs this fall! This is the best fall ever!!! ;)
    And I love that I can cook and bake! I haven't done much of it all summer because living a trailer without air conditioning and being pregnant don't make for a good combination. The trailer itself turns into an oven! And lately, I've been baking all sorts of goodies- halloween sugar cookies, TONS of peanut butter cookies, brownies, poppyseed muffins, you name it! And I feel like a better wife because I have dinner made for my hubby when he comes home, where before it was just too hot!

    Also, I love this fall because I am going to get a SWEET book from my friend Carrie who loves me and wants to give me something to read to keep my sanity this fall with a new baby and no job to distract me :)

  7. So I already have a copy of the book, so I'm not actually entering the give-away and you should give it to someone who really wants and deserves it, but here's my "I Heart Fall" comment:

  8. Also, when I read my blog entry on fall aloud to Jacob, he laughed and said "Good job, Liz. I'm glad you stand up for truth and right."

  9. I love the colors...though we don't really get them in FL, I can pretend we are in GA once the colors begin to change.

  10. Things I love about fall:
    leaves changing colours (duh), Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Salted Caramel Hot Chocolates from starbucks, being able to read while under a blanket without being too hot, being able to wear long-sleeves and not be too hot but also be able to wear a t-shirt and not be too cold, crisp weather, slight wind, mild rain, watching trains go through tunnels surrounded by orange leaves, the way puddles look under street lamps, squirrels everywhere, acorns and pinecones everywhere, scarves, fall boots, coats and sweaters, Thanksgiving (waddup Canada!), HALLOWEEN!!! (another Duh!)

    I love everything about fall. It is the greatest season.

  11. My favorite thing about fall is the leaves changing colors (I don't like them falling off but just the bright colors!), and cool crisp evenings.
    So I have to confess, I started following you tonight, a night when my husband is off hunting deer and I'm home cooking hamburger! Hopefully you still let me follow you!=)
    Good luck with the diet, I did it for a few years in college, and your right, just because you are vegan, doesn't mean you're eating healthy! It takes a lot of effort at first until you loose the cravings and habits, but it's way rewarding! YOU ROCK!

  12. Oh! Yeah! Pick Me! :-) My favorite part of the fall is FOOTBALL! Go Buckeyes! #1 in the nation!!

    P.S. You are just so creative and motivated. Vegan; I don't think I will ever have the dedication to try that for more than about 5 minutes. I'm not a very motivated person. haha

  13. Just a reminder you have to pick someone today ;)

    and to add to my list, when i'm NOT pregnant, I love being able to rake up big piles of leaves and jumping and playing in them. (I'm excited to have a little one to play in the leaves with now!)


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