Yeah Well.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My friend Stacy and I decided to go in together and get a booth at a local craft fair. Since that's one of my goals while 24, I was pretty excited. It was also relatively cheap, and since we were splitting it, we thought it would be WELL worth it. I was so nervous/excited about it last night that I couldn't sleep. Really. I went to bed at like 6am. I made business cards (however ghetto) and a price list, and finished some frames- I. was. ready.

We got all set up in what turned out to be the WORST location in Rexburg. We were all hidden by a crepe shack (you read that right). There were a TOTAL of ten vendors and I didn't see any of them sell a thing (with the exception of the Scentsy lady. Of course). I think there were maybe 40 people that actually walked by and looked at our stuff. I handed out a lot of business cards, talked a lot about my multi-winner giveaway on Monday and drowned my disappointment in a Jamba. Most of the vendors were gone by noon. We were the last to leave, and we left 15 minutes before it was supposed to end.

Here's why this craft fair was awful:
1. The most horrible location known to man
2. The Idaho State Fair started today
3. Everyone is out of town for Labor Day weekend
4. The students in this college town don't get back until the middle of next week
5. The lady that put it on did ZERO advertising. The signs that did get put up, were put up by vendors. Hello? Isn't that why you PAY someone?
6. It was horribly hot

So is it weird that I still had a lot of fun? Do you think I'm crazy for not regretting it? Because I did, and I don't.

Here's why this craft fair was great:
1. I ended up selling a mini-journal to a 7 year-old girl who wants to be Harriet the Spy.
2. Stacy taught me how to crochet a row
3. Brandilyn is letting us sell our stuff outside her store on Wednesday
4. Scott brought me a sandwich
5. Our booth looked pretty rockin' for being two card tables pushed together
6. I accomplished a goal
7. It's my birthday tomorrow, and Scott cleaned the bathroom, and my dresser looks great, so not much can get me down at this point.


  1. Yay for us craft fair-ers! We not only survived it we were the last ones standing...I think we should win an award for that!

  2. Anonymous5:28 PM

    I used to want to be harriet the spy! <3

  3. Anonymous5:28 PM

    I used to want to be harriet the spy! <3


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