25 Things to do While 25

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Besides the list of things I completed while 24, this year has been a busy one for me. In the past twelve months, I have visited San Francisco, Seattle, Lava Hot Springs and Yellowstone. I have grown a garden and gotten paid to perform improv theatre. I have gone white water rafting, written a letter to a famous person (and got a response), read books, and passed statistics. I have gotten into the social work program and survived the first semester, performed in a Shakespearan play and gone ice fishing. I have refinished a piece of furniture, joined a gym, been in a room filled with candles, learned about essential oils and read books.

I feel accomplished. I feel good about myself. I feel ready to be 25.

25 Things I Want to Do While I'm 25

In no particular order...

1. Make a cheesecake

2. Graduate from college

3. Eat vegan for a month

4. Make soap

5. Blow glass

6. Start a family

7. Participate in hot yoga

8. Visit Las Vegas

9. Ride a bicycle made for two

10. Sing a solo

11. Run a 10K

12. Go to a lavender festival

13. Spend a day not knowing what time it is

14. Go to dinner and a movie by myself

15. Keep a dream journal

16. Canoe with a parasol

17. Participate in a religious tradition in a different religion than my own

18. Take a R.A.D. course

19. Do a random act of kindness to a stranger once a month

20. Sew a dress

21. Have a successful etsy shop

22. Keep a list of every book I've read while 25

23. Keep my spiritual goals

24. Donate blood (needles!)

25. Juggle


  1. You inspire me.

    And intrigue me. "Canoe with a parcel"? What does this mean, I wonder...

  2. Yeah, "parasol" makes much more sense. =)

    Also, a warning...after that month of eating vegan, if you decide to go back to an omnivorous diet, be sure to EASE back into it. Beckah spent an entire day of her New York City trip vomiting because she was vegetarian who binged on meat because she was in New York. It was not good.

  3. Carrie! I found you on facebook, and read some of your blog...Happy late Birthday!
    Two more things...I loooveed your redone dresser, you are so inspiring, that is such an awesome thing to do and has me thinking..AND I can help with number 8 on your list because I live in Las Vegas...Come visit and stay with us! You probably already have friends here, but it would be so great to see you!!! I'm so happy you are so happy :)


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