Thursday, March 29, 2012

Guess what. I need a change. I am constantly seeking happiness, but I don't feel like I'm finding it. Yes, my family is my joy and my life. I am grateful for them everyday. But lately, I have been feeling very overwhelmed. Tired. Sad. Out of control. I needed a boost. And then I remembered that I wrote this post a year and a half ago. 

When I read it tonight, I cried at the end. Because I felt like a different person had written it. THIS is who I am. THIS is who I feel like I have lost. 

At this moment, I am incredibly grateful for blogs. I wrote in here that this is a letter to myself, and I truly feel that way. I also feel like a small flame has ignited in me. This "personal renewal" is not a step by step guide. It is not a promise that everything is going to be okay. Take it from me, however, when I say it was written by a genuinely happy person who loved her life and everything in it. 

September 2010

I think that being healthy means mind/body/spirit. If one humor is off, every humor is off.* I like the idea that every once in a while I have to give myself a little renewal. Not a complete personality/life-style make-over, but just a new, fresh start in what's already established.

So I'm taking the techniques that I find effective in renewing myself and listing them all right here. Keep in mind: this is mostly a letter to myself (as a reminder and little pep talk), but you can hopefully use it as a reference like I will. You don't necessarily do every single thing on the list, but instead use it as a guide and resource.

By Carrie Lynn

Part A: Organize Your Surroundings

Before we can renew our minds, bodies, and spirits, we have to get our environment to a place that allows us to focus on our minds, bodies, and spirits.
Also, I find that I feel the most stress and anxiety when I'm disorganized. This can mean a number of things but usually I get overwhelmed by:

A. A messy house/car, piles of "stuff"
B. A feeling of being behind in school/work
C. A never ending list of chores
D. Lack of time to do the things I need/want to do

Just those four things above are enough to make anyone want to stay in bed all day.

My first step comes from the advice of my wise Mother:


It's the biggest item in your bedroom (the place where you should be finding the most relaxation and meditation time) so once it's made, your room is half-way clean! I don't know why I have to remind myself of this one over and over again. It ALWAYS makes me feel better.

2. Tackle One Thing At a Time

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Look at one part of your house and clean that. Look at the next section and organize that.
Listen to pumped up music! I like my cleaning-house music like I like my work-out music. I've complied the above clean-your-house-and-renew-your-soul playlist just for your organizing life occasion :)


I know this one might seem impossible, but take a look at your goal list/chore list and make sure that the things on there are only the REALLY important ones.
It might feel like cleaning under the fridge is the most important thing at the time, but cutting it out might make the chore of throwing away all the moldy, old left-overs and going grocery shopping more doable.

Part B: Mind

When I think of renewing my mind I think of minimizing my distractions and focusing on what's important.

1. Meditate

I use this term loosely because I don't think meditation has to necessarily be in a dark room with candles and music playing. I mean, really. Who has time for that? Instead, take the time to meditate in the car, or outside. How about laying in your nicely made bed right before you go to sleep and think about everything and nothing?
Clear your mind right before you go to bed.
It will help you sleep better and feel more awake in the morning.

2. Read

Reading a good book is a great way to give your mind a break from daily life and learn a new thing or two in the process. You can look at my book recommendations here.

3. Aromatherapy

Using essential oils is a good, natural way to stabilize your mood and renew your mind. If I'm having trouble sleeping, I like to take an aromatherapy shower by putting a little bit of lavender oil in a ceramic bowl and placing it at the bottom of the tub. The water from the shower head will hit the oil, and the scent rises with the steam. Best. thing. EVER.
I also have a sugar/salt scrub I made of lemon oil, peppermint oil, and green tea leaves I use in the morning to wake up.

You can find other uses of essential oils for emotions here.

Part C: Body


By jumping out of bed and frantically thinking of all the horrible things you have to do that day, you become distracted. I usually just plumb forget to eat breakfast because I'm too busy worrying about my upcoming day. Morning yoga (or if you're like me, we'll call it "stretching") gives you time to really feel your body. Any sort of exercise in the morning is good for this reason.
You have all day to think about stuff.
Use the morning to think about you.

2. Eat Better

I don't care who ya are, you can probably change your diet in some way to eat healthier. Maybe you'll cut back on sugar treats. Maybe you'll up your intake of veggies. No matter what way you look at it, changing your diet for the better (even if it's just for a short amount of time) makes you feel better and in control.

Part D: Spirit

In my opinion, the most important part of renewing yourself is re-evaluating your spirit. I mean, your mind and body are important, but only because they are directly related to your spirit. Connecting with God (or your higher power) allows your mind to be at peace, and therefore helps your body to be more relaxed.

1. Pray

It's God who can give us the happiness, peace, and renewal that we need. Prayers to Him will be answered and give us the direction we're seeking. Don't worry about feeling foolish by praying. You haven't reached rock bottom until you've landed on your knees. Consistent prayer will help everything, every. single. day.

2. Give

Nothing will keep your mind and body more calm and at ease than knowing that you have served your fellow man in the fullest capacity you can.

3. Dance, Sing, Rejoice!

Life is good! You are doing great! Remember to breathe, and let yourself be filled with joy. After doing all you can to pick yourself back up, give the rest of your stress and worries to God, because He knows what to do with them. Keep calm.

Love yourself.

*If you thought that was a shout out to my improv troupe, The Humors, you were right.
**I did not bother to do photo credits. None of them are mine though, they're all a bunch of stock photos. If you know where they came from and feel especially passionate about letting me know, I'll credit them.


  1. I love this post. And I love you.

  2. Love this post!!!!! I cannot imagine starting my day without prayer. Getting started on the right track helps me stay on track the whole day. :)

  3. Thanks for this post. I was having kind of a hard morning today. This helped a lot. :) I already do one thing right...I always make my bed as soon as I get up in the morning ;)

  4. Dearest Carrie of my heart! Thank you so much for this post! You are a constant source of inspiration to me. These are good reminders for EVERYONE, and your desire to become a more whole and healthy human being is a motivating force in the lives of everyone around you. I know I'M motivated.

  5. I cannot study when my house is messy. I have to clean then study or else I won't be able to focus.

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