Made it Monday: Little Treetops Baby Onesies

Monday, March 26, 2012

Did you know that my in-laws own a screen printing and embroidery shop? Or that my husband is their salesman? They are incredibly talented at what they do. They mostly print for large groups (races, camps, schools, companies), but about a year ago they told me that, inspired by their six granddaughters, they wanted to sell baby onesies.

Since then, we have been collaborating and figuring out just how it would work. They told me they wanted me to give input, but I ended up doing much more. I have put a lot into this project. If you go to the blog/shop, you will only see about a dozens products. We are paddling hard under water and have so many great things that will be coming out this next month! Our grand opening will be in April and we are beyond thrilled about it.
I'm telling you- you're going to want to follow our blog and like us on facebook now so that you can be up to date with all the giveaways and new products!

I actually did the artwork for the "Personality" onesies in the shop. I was reading an article a friend posted about how everyone just calls children cute and how that's not good. I thought that was confusing, because, honestly, the first thing I usually notice about a kid is that they ARE cute. How am I supposed to know, standing behind them in the grocery store that they are actually clever and talkative?

So I made some onesies that display just that. Personality traits. Something other than "adorable" or "daddy's favorite" or "handsome." I consider them tell-me-something-I-don't-know baby clothes.

Thank you     I am also smart

All designs offered in white ink, and black ink on white

There are a few other onesies there too (including an organic option) that are a vintage twist on some fun things like bicycles and ice cream cones. My talented SIL designed those.

The whole point of this is some pretty shameless self-promotion. But not just for money. Like I said, I have put a lot into this and am just excited to share it!

So check us out!

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  1. The personality onesies are so brilliant. I wish I had a baby so I could buy that "Thank you I am also smart one." Maybe I'll buy it anyway. Add it to the hope chest. You're clever and artistic and fun.


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