Table Re-do

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Those of you who follow my crafty blog have already seen this- but I'm sitting in my living room looking at it, and I feel proud. This is my first furniture project (as small as it is) and I hope I've done my parents proud... they are ALWAYS re-doing furniture.

This was my entry in the "ruffle your stuff" contest. I hope I win something!

I think I might sell it, though... I don't know where to put it. But it IS charming.

And this is Brandilyn being a hipster in her Belize headband. I want to be her.


  1. how beautiful! what did you use as the "ruffle"? i loooove the black :)

  2. I used thin wood from a hardware store. Painted them black, and cut them into 1" rectangles and then just glued them overlapping eachother. The contest ends today, and I'm nervous she's not going to think it's a ruffle since it's not a traditional fabric ruffle you know? But, it was fun anyway!


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