Othello Fish

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My friend Amber just found out that her little parasite that's due in August is a girl. I am so excited for her!
To curve my subtle bout of baby-hungerness, I went out and bought a fish.
I haven't wanted a fish since my majestic Baraka died, but then I saw these fat, grumpy things at Wal-Mart:

It's called a Black Moor Goldfish.

I bought one.

His name is Othello.


  1. Parasite is gonna be her middle name, actually! haha

    I like your fish. I like fat fish.

  2. Carrie! Imagine my tickle of thrill when I saw your comment on my most followed blog: seriouslysoblessed! I was like, wait, that looks like Carrie and Scott. Then I came here. And it IS Carrie and Scott! Hooray! I love your blogs and your uber crafty talents and your enthusiasm!

  3. That's just what I called miss Jane. Once we knew she was a girl she became "la parasita".

  4. that's a pretty cool looking fish! i know for a fact that a pup would ebb your baby making needs haha
    did you get my card yet? :)

  5. I DID get your card! It's adorable! And I WOULD get a pup but I'm college student in a stupid rental apartment that is anti-puppy. Guess I'll just have a baby instead.

    If you knew me better, you would know that was a joke.


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