Monday, November 9, 2009

Okay, so after putting in a bunch of Scentsy orders, it has come to my attention that I have about a million warmers that I need to get rid of! So I'm discounting them for you! Now you have a good reason... take a gander.
These two are 1/2 off because they are used. The black one (Bombay) is discontinued and the other is called Malta. I cleaned them like new! They are only $15 (usually $30)
These full-size warmers are brand new and I have them on hand. No tax. No shipping. And I'm selling them for $20 (usually $30)!

Plantation (SOLD!) and Satin Black

Roma (SOLD!)

These are the new mid-size warmers. They are a hot item and half the size of the full-size ones. These are the two I have on hand. Only $20 (Usually $25)!

This is the November Warmer of the Month. It's adorable! It's 10% off so $27 (usually $30)

This is a new Christmas Plug-in Warmer. Only $15!

I also have a bunch of Scentsy bricks in fall/winter scents and some favorites. Just let me know if you want to smell anything.

I hope I have something sitting in my apartment that you would like! Just let me know! My email is or just call me.

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