“98% of American homes have TV sets, which means the people in the other 2% have to generate their own sex and violence." -Fraklin P. Jones

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I realized I'm so busy on this thing venting about sea animals and scentsy products, that there are all sorts of little updates no one knows about!

First of all: my adorable husband. Scott has been so crazy busy with school and work it somewhat makes me sick. Actually, I think it's the dishes that are suddenly ALWAYS my responsibility because Scott is too busy that makes me sick. And the bills. And the house cleaning. And the laundry. All of which are noble things to be doing with your life, and I'm just not used to yet. Scott and I are a very well-balanced couple. As my friend Amber put it, in our house there is no "wife work" or "husband work" but we each do the chores that need to be done when we each have the time. The problem with this routine is when Scott has NO time and I have TONS of time and so I'm left to do everything annoying and envy Scott and his progressing education. I hate being off track. I'm doing better at not resenting my house chores, however and try to look on the big spiritual side of things. I'm making my house a temple blahblahblah. I know. But it doesn't make my bathtub any cleaner.

Also, we don't have the Internet in our house right now. We cancelled it hoping to save a little money, but our plans fell through and now we can't bring ourselves to write a $50 check every month again, so I'm consistently writing to you from the Madison Public Library. Which is cute. And without the Internet at my fingertips, I'm finding a lot more time to do those annoying things I wish I was too busy to do. And also do some fun things like make Christmas decorations and work on my goal of mastering making bread (my lemon bread was amazing). Meanwhile, however, there is that part of me that longs for hulu so I can watch the Office and Modern Family. Because, you see, we don't have television either. This leaves us VERY out of the loop when it comes to things going on in the world and all we know about anything outside of Rexburg we read in the school newspaper (!) or hear through the grapevine. I feel so Amish.

I don't sit around ALL day, though. I have a job at JB's Restaurant (which deserves it's own little blog) and I work there part time at night. And right now, I'm waiting to hear about a job at the new Marriott hotel that's supposed open next week. I've been helping out there during the day making beds and moving boxes while I wait to hear if I'm hired for the position I applied for which is the front desk night shift: 10pm-6am. But hey- it'll pay the bills and maybe give me the Internet. If anything, it will pay for health insurance eh?

It's not all bad and boring, though. I find that Scott and I make time for small adventures on our little budget. Like going to see the one act play on Saturday or playing card games and cooking really good dinners. We are, it seems, fat and happy poor folk who wouldn't have life any other way.


  1. I love you guys! Back when weeeee were first married (insert stupid advice here)... no really, it sounds like the way Jesse and I live! Is it snowing there yet? Say hi to Rexburg for me. If you're on speaking terms.

  2. This little blog entry delights and inspires me. Thanks.


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