Those 12 months between us, they don't count. When we're together, we're ageless.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I don't wanna hold your hand

I wanna never let go

I don't wanna write you a poem

I wanna be your song

I don't wanna be loved

I wanna be loved back

I don't wanna make love

I wanna make eternity

I don't wanna grow old with you

We're more than that
Baby, we're gonna grow infinite

Happy birthday, Scott.


  1. You're a pretty awesome wife.

  2. Go party like it's your birfde Scat. Happy 23rd, glad we are the same age again.
    Love your favorite Erin,

    Great post Carrie, I am so glad my best friend found the perfect wife for him. What better gift could I find for him?


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