"Love: a temporary insanity, curable by marriage."- Ambrose Bierce

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I have been in a tiny quandry over updating my blog. I guess once you get engaged, anything you say suddenly comes out condesending, insenisitive and self-righteous. I have tried my best to keep my feelings and advice and thoughts to myself concerning my excitement to get married, hoping that this will ease the "she's-rubbing-this-in-my-face" vibe I so desperately don't want to give off. But the closer my wedding day is getting, the more I can't contain myself. And that little bridezilla on my shoulder just keeps screaming: "It's your blog, damn it! Write what you want!"

I'm so excited I could throw up! I feel like I want to burst! I want to sing! And dance! And cry! All at the same time! I want to put explanation points at the end of every word just! so! you! get! an! idea! of! how! much! this! Saturday! means! to! me! I want to ignore everything that would cause me stress and cuddle up in the arm of my almost husband- who I get to have and hold forEVER. I want know what it feels like to finally have permenant claim on the only thing I want. I want to kiss him until my lips are chapped and even my toes grow tired. I want to live with my best friend and laugh about how it was nothing like we expected it be, but somehow that made it all the more beautiful. I want to sing cheesy pop love songs and learn how to play the guitar. I want to write poems and put them in the pockets of his worn-out jeans. I want to bake pies. Pies! I want to tell everyone everything I've learned from the best man I've ever known. I want them to know how patient he is- and that this should not be mistaken for passive, as if there is ever a problem, he puts himself in the front lines to fix it. I want everyone to know that he is the most gentle, strong man I have ever known. I want everyone to know that there are tears on my keyboard because even thinking about my love makes me more emotional than I've ever been. He is my everything. My sun, my night, my spirit, my treasure, my map. He is my angel and my hero and my knight and every other cliche you can think of. But the best part about all of it is that he is MINE. I can't tell you how many times I make him promise me he won't go on a date with anyone else, won't ever kiss any other girl or hold someone else's hand. I only ask because I like to hear his reassuring answers followed by a smile with a dimple on the left side of his mouth.


He is my greatest fellow adventurer. And our greatest adventure begins this Saturday. THIS Saturday! We get to explore everything together. Love and sorrow, pain and happiness. There is no one else in this world I could it with but him. No one but him could put up with my whining along the way, and insistance on taking a less traveled path. No one but him would want to hold my hand the whole time to ensure that niether one of us is going ahead of the other, but that we are equal partners. No one else can or will ever love me like he loves me. No one else can or will ever love him like I love him. We are different puzzle pieces that somehow figured out we fit. We are getting married in three days. We are Mr. and Mrs. Scott Charles Chapman.


  1. Carrie, You are so cute! This is exactly how I felt just before Lucas and I got hitched. I'm so proud of you for writing it! I am nasty cheesy on my blog and I'm glad to meet someone who isn't afraid to say they honestly feel happy. The reason it's not cheesy is because it's real!

    And guess what....You made a pie tonight. and it was delicious :)

  2. I can't wait to have this too.

  3. I knew my best friend was in good hands, but after reading this I know he's in the perfect hands. And yes he does have a killer smile - dimple and all. When you described that ti was picture perfect in my brain. I'm so glad you two have each other, Scott couldn't have found a better match.


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