Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Carrie wrote this while in the Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah Aug 29, 2006
Posted by her mother Sept 6. Carrie is now serving in Canada Toronto West Mission.

You'll love the MTC!
They said as I drove
Away from familiar life.
You learn so much!
And your spirit grows!
But nobody mentioned the strife.

My bunk's rather hard,
The food tastes funny,
I have no punctuality.
I don't get the lessons,
Where is that scripture?
This just isn't my reality.

Always, it seems
My companion is strong,
Herself she has long since buried.
And never 'til now
Had I thought to myself:
I'll go home & just get married!

Discouraged & tired,
I use all of my strength
To stand tall on my knees.
"There has to be
An easier way.
Help me, Father, please."

A comforting voice
Takes my mind back
To the pleads of a Beloved Son.
Our questions are similiar,
He fell to His face,
"Not my will, but Thine be done."

Compared to this gift
How blessed am I
To have a burden so light?
I'll trust in the love,
Know my debt is paid,
Gird up my loins & fight!

I love the MTC
I said as I flew
Away from familiar life.
Can I keep that spirit
As I preach the word
To people still living in strife?

Can I show them that He
Suffered more than the debt
Just to help us know how to cope?
Grateful, I am
An instrument here
To show others this brightness of hope.

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