My Movie Life... sort of...

Friday, April 22, 2005

I used work at a video store and all I did all day was watch movies. Four a day, everyday. I would become giddy and completely imbibed with whatever movie I was watching, but after "The End" was back on the screen I would look back at my life. Look at the slowly spinning fan, the cranky customer, and my untied shoelace. Suddenly, I would feel very sorry for myself. But I have pulled out of such a bitter abyss since working there has brought me to some conclusions:
Maybe my life really is like some sort of fairy tale. Think about it. The main character's life is always uneventful and boring up until some spirited young lad sweeps in with all his glory. Some how it's not quite perfect and they become engulfed in petty fights they resolve in a half-hour before riding off to some quixotic bliss. That could be me. I'm just not at the end quite yet (or even the middle for that matter) but maybe, just maybe, I could be really a bad rendition of Cinderella.
The phrase "The End" that scrolls by at "the end" of every movie is, in all reality, candidly lying to you. In real life there is no such thing as "the end". The last kiss you see is not the end of all kisses. And the last fight you see is not the end of all fights. And even if the main characters and all their friends die at "the end" it's still not "the end" of anything for each person has affected someone, somewhere, in some way in their life. Every movie has some sort of unknown sequel. And those are my favorites. The ones that leave you thinking: "I wonder whatever happened to the breakfast club that next Monday."
There are movie characters all around us. I used to watch movies and bum around being grievous that I did not know such interesting people. Oh my poor ignorant mind. I soon found out that all around me were individuals, "characters" if you will, that have such personality and traits that not even the best writers in Hollywood could come up with what some of these people say. Like the eighteen year old Christian girl named Julie, who, with a dead serious expression asked me for help finding a movie because the only ones she's ever seen either were cartoons or had a princess in them. You think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. After steering her away from Cold Mountain and We Were Soldiers she had settled on Oceans Eleven. Hallelujah Amen. Another movie moment come and gone. It's those things that make my life beautiful.
So call me boring, but I think that the most effective forms of entertainment exist not in the special effects and poor dialog of the movies today, but in the neighbor who puts her Christmas tree lights up in October. Or in the quiet roommate who always seems to disappear. Heck, your own mother may have some stories that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Everybody has a movie life. So ask. And pass the popcorn.

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