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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

So Thursday was our anniversary. And I know that I should have taken the time to write a big old blog post, complete with a bunch of wedding photos and reflection but... I didn't.
I also didn't take a ton of pictures of our fabulous date night- which doesn't mean that we didn't have a fabulous date night!

Scott is not always the best at gift giving or event planning (unless it's some sort of trip), but he has really been stepping it up lately! Of course, I gave up a couple holidays ago. I also had it in my head that four years wasn't that big of a deal. I mean, it wasn't FIVE or TEN. Scott scoffed at this. And then he blew me away.

First, he came home with "bad day envelope" which is a sort-of recreation of the gift I gave him last year. He said he would have bought a box but he was trying to save money for some other things haha! There were candies and gift certificates (including Costco Cash cards haha!) inside so I really didn't care if it was in a box or not!

Then we went out to fondue at The Melting Pot. We're not rich (so don't ask us to lend you money) but we go there once a year on our anniversary. That's because April 11 is NATIONAL CHEESE FONDUE DAY so we get free cheese fondue. We could not have picked a better day to get married.

After that, Scott took me on a horse drawn carriage ride around Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake. I liked that it wasn't busy, and that I could cuddle up under a blanket (which they assured me had just been washed). It was perfect. Not just because it was "romantic" but because Scott and I really love to do new things together. This is something we have both loved to do since we were dating, so it seemed perfect to spend our anniversary celebrating with a tradition and a new experience.
Very us.

When I told a neighbor that Scott and I were celebrating our anniversary, he said: "And you still put up with him?" To which I replied, "Not every day, but on average."

For the first few years of our marriage, I felt like a newly wed. I feel like having Georgia has aged our relationship by a million. Mostly in a good way, but sometimes I do like to think back to when it was just us. I'm happy that we took advantage of that time though because we have some really special memories from it.  I can't imagine what our 5 year anniversary will be feel like with two crazy girls running around, but I look forward to it. Some things just get better, even when they get crazy.

I know this is a random place to end my thoughts, but I thought I would post this song by Jason Mraz. Scott listened to the whole thing and then very adamantly said "that is exactly how I feel."
I feel like it sums us up pretty well.

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  1. Carrie, I've haven't seen you in forever. I enjoyed reading your post and I love reading your blog. I love the title! Take care my friend. -Matthew


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