Tote Things.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Anna is taking some photos of my tote bags for my Etsy shop. She got creative and the pictures are so fun, so I thought I would share some (seeing as I can only put so many up in the shop).

Also, to make room for new designs, we have added a CLEARANCE section to our shop. The handle colors are limited, and there are only 10 of each design, but they are currently on sale for $7.

Hope everyone is having as a good a Saturday as this crazy kid:


  1. HOLD THE PHONE Georgia in a romper & saltwaters????!!! Dying.

    1. I wish you could see her little red bow in her pony tail, but she is windblown and crazy.

  2. Hey Carrie, the pictures are very beautiful and Anna has really done a fantastic job I must say. All the pictures are captured very beautifully. I like your tote bag. It is quite simple, but stylish. I have seen the bag tote bag at Kilkenny. I just love it a lot and planning to buy it for my little angle.


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