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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I never really pictured myself as a mom to girls. For some reason, I have always just assumed that I would have a bunch of boys. When I was pregnant with Georgia, people would say:

"I know you don't care, but if you could pick a boy or a g-"
and I would cut them off and say that I would prefer to have a boy. I felt it was pretty obvious that I would "love the baby no matter what" so why not be honest?

Of course, when the ultrasound read girl, I knew her name was Georgia in an instant. I was shocked, however, when red balloons flew out of a cardboard box revealing that we are expecting ANOTHER little girl.

I really don't know why I was so surprised.

Perhaps it's because I see mothers with their little darling princesses and I see why God would give them girls. These mothers are sweet, and naturally nurturing and often times a little soft spoken.
I don't think I have ever, EVER been described as sweet. My parenting "style" has turned out to be a lot more "you're fines" than kisses better. I will never be soft spoken.

I get that that's great. I don't need reassurance that I'm a decent mom to Georgia and this future little girl. I've seen plenty of women like me (and not like me) raise strong, kind young women.  I just thought I'd share my musing. Because sometimes, I look at my little toddlers face and dramatic tantrums and "princess dancing" and I wonder... what the heck am I supposed to do with you? And then I feel a big kick of a reminder that another is on the way and I better figure something out.

But I mean, in the end, it doesn't matter what the gender of any of my babies are. What I'm trying to do is raise my kids to be Christlike, and that's genderless.
Love one another.
Do unto others.
Learn, explore, have self-respect.

You know what else? I'm pretty sure that every mother, regardless of the genders of her babies quietly hopes that she isn't screwing up her boy and/or girl.
I find comfort in that too.


  1. I'm not sure why we get who we get as far as kids. It's not Saturday's Warrior reasons. But I wonder why I needed to learn to be father to a daughter first. I don't know. Maybe it'll be apparent later.

    But one thing that I am excited for Edie is the strength she will get from Valerie. I see a similar side in you. Your daughter will learn how to be strong. How to articulate herself and to go after things she wants. That's pretty cool. The rest will figure it out.

    Personally, I dread the idea of having a boy or girl who wants to play sports. It's my nightmare. Especially if I can't just read a book at their games.

    1. 1.) "Saturday's Warrior reasons" made me laugh out loud!
      2.) Being told I could have a similar side to Valerie makes me blush and feel a little star struck because I think she is so awesome even though I don't know her super well. I like her so much that I both want to get to know her better and never meet her because I would look stupid.
      3.) I too have no idea what I would do with a kid who likes sports... but I mostly fear having to raise a mathlete.

  2. What a beautiful blog and your little girl looks adorable :)
    Vintage Inspired Girls


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