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Monday, March 4, 2013

You guys.
I am the worst with grammar.
Isn't that awful? I mean, I ENJOY blogging and I even take the time to check if I have used proper grammar. I really do! I freaking proof-read and the mistakes seem to never end.

I have friends who are grammar snobs and I am so jealous of them. They have taken college classes dedicated to the subject and they just know what they are doing. They have blogs posts that have no mistakes.

Me? I go back and read old blog posts and I just cringe. I find "your" instead of "you're" sometimes! Sick! I've said peak instead of peek! One time, someone mentioned on Facebook that I had a grammatical error in my TITLE. He said he felt bad for pointing it out but I was grateful! ... I mean, I felt like an idiot but I was grateful I could change it.

I honestly have no idea what I am even doing with my commas anymore. 

Is there a way to fix this? Is there some basic-grammar-for-adults website that isn't an overwhelming college course? I would like to take that.

Meanwhile, I hope your red pens are not running out of ink and that the messages/emotions I am trying to get across on my blog are actually coming across.



  1. It's all cool, girl. I have a friend who says that if communication happens, the grammar isn't too important. And I guess I just know you well enough to know what you mean. Anyway, I don't judge you. But of course, as an English teacher (what? what? I'm an adult?), I have links of awesomeness for you if you want to improve your grammar. Here are some infographics of common errors:


    And here is a freerice link! Freerice.com is awesome. It's a quiz/game site, where you can answer questions in different subjects. They take the money they make from advertising on the site to buy rice for those in need around the world through the World Food Programme. For every correct answer, they donate 10 grains of rice. So you're learning AND helping those in need.

    And look, a section devoted entirely to grammar!

    It doesn't really have lessons or anything, but it's good practice.

    I like doing the art ones, too. They make me feel smart and hip.

  2. I may have purposefully taken two days off this month so I wouldn't be responsible for teaching our grammar class on Friday...
    My students point out my mistakes all the time and one day I said, "You know what? If you are so critical about how I write, you get no sympathy when I grade your papers!"
    So I hear your grammar woes.
    Brother Merrill said to tell people, "How anal of you to correct my grammar." :)

  3. Comma woes are a serious thing. We all have them. Stephen Hopkins put a video on youtube covering clauses, and I will someday show it to my future students...and children. And probably my present child. Anyway, it covers clauses and if you understand clauses, you can master commas in a few steps.
    And don't read Strunk and White. Strunk is brilliant, but he's a bully.

  4. Hey if it makes you feel better, Siri doesn't have proper grammar either. She asks "What can I help you with?" instead of "With what may I help you?" So hey, if Apple can make a phone with improper grammar and millions of people buy it and love it then I'm sure you're fine :)


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