Hey Hey Election Day!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Went to polls like (hopefully) everyone and did my duty as an American! I love voting. I love it more when I can walk across the street to where I'm supposed to vote and not have to stand in line. There are perks to being a stay-at-home mom: like being able to vote at 11:30am when everyone else is at work.

Seriously. I waited in line at In-N-Out MUCH longer than I did to vote.

I was all ready to wait forever though. On election days, I can't help but feel especially proud of being a woman voter and grateful for the women who made it possible for me to stand in line with all of these men and land-owners.

I'm not especially concerned about this election- I feel like both candidates are good men and both have policies I like and don't like. I only pray that neither of them die and leave us with either VP as president... shudder.

And I know I said this on Facebook, but I thought I would say it again:

"One final thought: Not all democrats are unemployed, not all republicans are hypocrites and not all unaffiliated/independents are "undecided" and uninformed. Today is a day to UNITE and CELEBRATE the fact that we can all vote!"

Oh and Happy Birthday to Stacy! Who's poor facebook page is filled with election stuff on HER BIRTHDAY. I'm thinking about you today, girl ;)

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  1. Jacob and I were talking about how Paul Ryan is sort of scary...mostly because sometimes he looks really handsome and other times, there's this creepy reptilian edge to his looks somehow. And I can't trust someone who alternates between looking hot and looking like a lizard.


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