My 26 Goals Results

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Here is my goal list from last year- the ones in red are ones I completed.

26 Things to do While 26

1. Ride a zipline (this really was my goal, and then Scott took me on one, so I'm counting it as already complete).
This was the best thing ever. And also, apparently the steepest zipline in the world.

2. Get in shape
Whoops. I'm sitting here the biggest I've ever been. But I have a plan!

3. Serve my family more (both immediate and extended)
I feel like I did this. But only family could tell.

4. Buy a dress from Antrhopologie
I totally forgot about this one! Didn't even try to save up.

5. Finish redoing that rocking chair and/or coffee table
My rocking chair is still sitting uncovered and ugly, but my coffee table is now red and awesome.

6. Read the New Testament starting at New Years and finish by Easter
I do this every year- did it this year and experienced the same profound love of the Savior I do every time around Easter

7. Throw an awesome first birthday for Georgia

8. Keep all of my personal/spiritual goals
Yes. I did. A couple of things are ongoing, but I accomplished quite a few- including being frustrated at Georgia less

9. Attend a mission reunion
I think there were like 5 of us there that were actually from my mission. I am old.

10. Go to yoga classes for a month
I did this with a Groupon and it was the best thing in the whole world! See #2 and "I have a plan"

11. Try a new food
I tried Lobster for the first time and it was kind of gross not gonna lie.

12. Create something (handmade) at least once a month

13. Juggle
Damn. That's 3 years now.

14. Keep a private journal
I actually found my journal to be less of a release and more of a place to dump complaints. I stopped because it was not helping me be more positive.

15. Join a book club
Woo-Hoo! I love my little online book club!

16. Take an IQ test
I forgot about this one, too. Where do I even go do that?

17. Read at least 24 books and record which ones they are
This one took a bit more effort than I thought it would and I read 3 chick lit' books that I don't think I would have read if were not for trying to complete this goal. You can see my list here

18. Visit another state (besides Idaho)
Um. Yeah. Virginia, Washington, Wyoming. Check. 

19. Have a food fight
I feel like I did this but I can' remember if I really did or not. But I'm pretty sure I did. I think it was just with Scott at home. Yeah. I did. 

20. Play a hymn on the piano (with BOTH hands)
Forgot about this one too. 

21. Ride the Heber Valley Railroad

22. Create a soundtrack to my life if it were to be turned into a film
I sat down to do this one and it became really hard and I realized it was going to take a really long time so I gave up. 

23. Go a month with no internet (... or a week... with a baby this one is hard because everyone will want to see how she is growing. Still. Even a DAY with no internet would be difficult for me)
Heh. Yeah right. 

24. Make an origami bird garland
I had the best intentions for this. 

25. Be on TV

26. Run (or walk) a half marathon
Nope. See #2 and #10.

So I think 17 out of 26 is pretty dang good. Probably the best I have done so far. I wish I would have looked at the list more- there are at least 3 on here that I just plumb forgot about. Anyway. There you go. For anyone interested. :)


  1. Good job! I think you need to come up here or we'll come down there so that Jacob can teach you how to juggle. =)

    I love this idea of yours and I've stolen it this last year. I have until Saturday and I'm only about 13 down. I think I might modify it to be just 10 things to do while "age." Because twenty-something things is a lot of things. I guess this way they're just like New Year's resolutions, but I like having the goals coincide with a year of your life. Like, instead of "this year, I'll _____," I like "This, the twenty-seventh year of my life, I will ______."

    I'm getting long-winded. The point is I love you.

  2. new follower over here! that is a great goal list. i need to be more goal oriented. i had lobster for the first time a few months ago and was pretty disappointed. i don't understand the hype? and georgia is a doll baby.


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