27 things to do while 27

Friday, September 7, 2012

This is my last birthday post, I promise! I just need to record some of my goals for this year... they might be kind of boring to read since a lot of them are ones that I wasn't able to do the last couple of years *cough*juggling*cough*

27 things to do while 27

1. Finish that rocking chair

2. Smash a pie in someones face

3. Take Little Treetops to "the next level" haha!

4. Get family pictures taken*

5. Take an IQ test

6. Keep personal and spiritual goals

7. Juggle.

8. Ride a bicycle built for two

9. Visit a National Park I have never been to

10. Be featured on Hostess With the Mostess**

11. Read 30 books and record what ones they are

12. Get a yoga membership

13. Reach my goal weight

14. Learn a new craft (metal stamping, maybe)

15. Let go of 100 Balloons at one time

16. Go on a star-gazing date

17. Paint my bookshelf black

18. Ride in a hot-air balloon OR bungee jump

19. Build a legit igloo

20. Complete a "wreck this journal"

21.Join a choir

22. Play a hymn on the piano with both hands

23. Own a freaking Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag.

24. Visit the Timp Caves

25.Go to the Swiss festival 

26. Do a Random Act of Kindness at least once a month

27. Keep a gratitude journal- everyday for the entire year.

*Including being in shape enough to WANT to have family pictures taken
**This has always been a goal and is kind of cheating... I'm being featured there this month.


  1. Hey, one of these years, you're going to learn to juggle. I admire your dedication to the idea.

    Also, rethink #15. That's really just future littering.

    Happy 27th year.

  2. OHHH Kay, I think this is beautiful. So lovely. This kind of tom-foolery is right up my ally. . so great.


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