For What it's Worth: My Chick-fil-a Response

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yesterday I went into Texas Roadhouse and this didn't happen:

Hostess: Right this way
Me: Thank you! But before we're seated, I just really need to know the CEO of this establishment's stand on gay marriage.
Hostess: Uh....
Me: Abortion? Capital punishment? The series finale of Lost? I just really need to make sure I agree with all of their political standings before I eat their steak.
Hostess: This just in- the CEO doesn't believe in anything you believe in. Now, I can show you to your table...
Me: WHAT?! NO! I will not eat here you jerks! I will not support anyone who disagrees with me! You're all bigots and close minded idiots ruining America! I'm forming a boycott! I hope Texas Roadhouse goes out of business until it learns what the RIGHT way of thinking is! Which I hope is really soon because I really like your steak and onion blossoms! (storms out hungry)

Really, I don't understand what gay marriage has to do with chicken sandwiches. Okay, sure. You think it's a civil rights issue- you think Chick-fil-a is being discriminatory. But last I checked, same sex couples COULD STILL EAT THERE. Last I checked, there wasn't a "Lesser Chicken Salad Wrap for Homo's" on their menu.

I could put a slippery slope fallacy in here. If we boycott Chick-fli-a then what's next? Boycotting all Christian, anti-same sex marriage facilities? Asking for a copy of the company's political ideologies with every menu? But I honestly don't think any of that will happen. I truly believe that everyone who is so outraged by this is honestly trying to stand up for what they feel is right. I do not think anyone who stopped eating at Chick-fil-a over the past few weeks is a bigot or a close-minded idiot ruining America. I actually admire the fact that they saw something they felt was wrong, and then DID something about it. But I hope we can all agree that the name-calling stuff has gotten a bit out of hand. It's a two way street.

"I disagree with Chick-fil-a's stance on same-sex marriage! I'm going to stop eating there!"
"What?! You moron! By boycotting Chick-fil-a, YOU'RE discriminating against good Christians!"

"I agree with Chick-fil-a's stance on same-sex marriage! I'm going to eat there MORE!"
"What?! You moron! By eating anything at Chick-fil-a, YOU'RE discriminating against gay people!"

And on and on and on until no one has had lunch.

If I'm going to be 100% honest here, though, my real problem is how this has effected me in a small way. Like, when I was at the mall and I wanted a chicken sandwich because it sounded good. I truly wanted a SANDWICH. What I didn't want was to stand in line and have people patting me on the back and calling me "comrade." I didn't want a gay couple to think I hated them.
But I also didn't want to go to Subway and have people patting me on the back and calling me "comrade." I didn't want people thinking that I was "taking a stand" when all I really wanted was something to eat and a large Diet Coke.
All in all a pretty first world problem that doesn't really effect my everyday life- but annoying none the less.

A few sentiment's I've seen online that have made me go "yeah- it's like that"

"Just because I disagree with you does not mean I hate you"

"Deciding what to eat for lunch was already hard enough without worrying about my sandwich being homophobic"

"Let's ask the Christian president of a restaurant chain that isn't open on Sundays his view on gay marriage and act surprised and out-raged when we don't like the answer."

Peace and love, team. Let's all go grab a bite wherever we want and meet at my place to watch Olympic Handball. 


  1. Nobody has said this better. Bravo carrie!

  2. A-chicken-Men, Carrie.

  3. How is this getting so much hype... I don't think I agree w/ the stance of Chick-fil-a CEO, but I think every side is going NUTS over this. I guess it makes sense though... if he openly donates money to a cause that people do not want to support- then they for sure can make the choice not to support it, because some of their proceeds would indeed go toward the cause they disagree with! Then people who say, "Who gives a care?! It's just chicken!" can lay off those who are not supporting the CEO's decisions, right??

  4. Yes ma'am, and not to mention TX Roadhouse's Rolls...

  5. I love your response to the back and forth about gay marriage and how it relates to boycotts and buycotts. I also think your writing style is extremely entertaining. I do think that the whole reason people might have been calling you "comrade" had nothing to do with hating or not hating homosexuals. The buycott was all about abuse of power by government officials. The mayors of Chicago, Boston, and San Fran all made comments about not giving business permits to Chick-fil-a because of his opinion. For all I care, the opinion could have been anything. Why I support chick-fil-a has nothing to do with their views on traditional marriage (although I do believe in that) but that they shouldn't have their ability to do business hindered by government because of thier beliefs. I think a lot of people called you "comrade" because of your beliefs against tyranny and not your beliefs on same-sex marriage.

    Boycotts and buycotts are fine and within everyone's rights but it is not the right of the government to say they will not allow someone to open a business because of their belief whatever that belief is.


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