Sunday, May 13, 2012

Georgia says "Dada" when Scott walks in the room. She says "NumNum" when she's eating or thinking about eating. She says "nanana" for reasons I don't know, and she and blows raspberries. All of these she does when she is happy.

But when she is sad- and only when she is really, really sad, does she say: "Mama."
She looks for me. She wants me.

I am humbled by that. All of the times that I struggle with being a stay-at-home mom- they all revolved around the stay-at-home part. All of the annoying things are temporal and temporary.

The significant, important, and eternal rest in the the tiny palm of my busy little 10 month old. How blessed I am to be able to be home with her and watch her grow and learn and cry and pout and laugh and play. I am amazed that the Lord has let me do His work. She is a miracle. My miracle.
Who wants me to hold her when she is sad.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, future mothers, mothers whose children are not on this earth, past mothers, grandmothers, etc, etc, etc.

And Happy Mother's Day to my own Madre, who I feel needs no tribute post as she pretty much shows up here every other time I write something. And to my mother-in-law, who raised a lovely boy. The best part of these women in my life is just how much they love my little baby.

Happy Mother's Day to All!

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