Runaway With Me.

Friday, February 10, 2012

For Christmas, Scott didn't get me a bunch of gifts, but he did get me a weekend getaway to Park City, Utah. I am beyond thrilled about it since we have not had a night to ourselves since the baby joined us. We drop Georgia off at Mima and Papa's house at 4pm today. I absolutely cannot wait.

Things I'm looking forward to this weekend:

-Sleeping in for the first time in seven and a half months
-Seeing The Vow
-Not having baby throw-up on any of my clothes
-Wearing my new little black dress out to dinner
-Shopping at the outlet mall (Scott's gift came with a guilt free $40 gift certificate and a pinky promise I won't spend it on baby clothes)
-A hot tub
-Walking around downtown Park City
-Things I can't talk about because they would embarrass you.

Most of all, though, I'm excited to be spending some time with my attention deprived husband and talking about things OTHER than school, work, bills, taxes, cleaning and baby.

Goodness... what will we talk about?


  1. Oh, I hope you have a fun get away! What a great gift!

  2. We're going down next weekend! you'll have to let me know what fun things you go do...we have no idea where to go. and you'll probably still talk about the baby :)

    and hurray for little black dresses and unmentionable activities lol!


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