Made it Monday: Polka Dot Dress

Monday, January 30, 2012

For me, sewing is like exercise.

I always hate doing it, but I always like the result.

Scott and I are trying to get through the last season of 24 on Netflix right now. We usually watch it late at night, and I found that I was having really intense nightmares (for example, being interrogated and having bad guys break Georgia's fingers one by one to get me to talk). I hate nightmares, but I love 24. So, I decided that if I focused on something else while watching it, I didn't have so many nightmares.

Such is the background of this polka dot dress.

It's probably one of the better sewing projects I've done, and I like that I was able to finish it late on a Saturday night so Georgia could have it for Sunday. I even made that matching bow on her head because I am ridiculous.

At church, a lovely lady tugged on Georgia's new dress and said: "They have the cutest clothes for babies these days." I swear I was about to cry. I looked at her and said: "Really? I made this." She looked impressed and it made my day. My week. My year.


  1. You are a super mom!!

  2. You are a super mom!!

  3. Carrie that dress is DARLING! And I can't even handle that little picture of sweet Georgia in it. Good job!

  4. I am madly in love with that dress! You are just so talented and such an incredible mom!

  5. it's perfect! You just motivated me to really learn how to sew!

  6. Well, I could say that I don't like the dress, but that would be a lie. I do like it. I like-like it. I like-like-like it.

    I love it.

  7. I scoff at those "super mom" comments! I still haven't cleaned up the mess I made with this dress. Also, Anna- this was a really easy project. I'll bring the pattern next I come down and we can get some fabric and I'll help you make it.

    And Val- I like you and your comment. Like-like.


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