Survey Says

Monday, September 26, 2011

I hate not making money. For this reason, I have usually had some sort of employment- and when I was not employed, I was selling Scentsy candles. Upon moving to Utah, I worked about 40 hours per week at my internship and ignored the fact that I wasn't contributing financially to our family. After all- I WAS about to graduate.

And then I had Georgia- contributing the most valuable thing I could to our family.

But I miss my guilt-free spending money.

So I started taking survey's online. For money. I am a survey-whore.

And you know what? I get my first 50 bucks on October 1st.

I take most of my surveys through So far, I have been paid to play video games, try out make-up, get an auto insurance quote, try out a savings/coupon site and rent movies. It's been a pretty sweet deal, and I am on my way to having the Anthropologie dress of my dreams!

P.S. If this sounds up your alley- you can check out Vindale through THIS LINK. And hey- I get $5 if you sign up and take a survey. Help a sister out.


  1. This is perfect, because I was about to ask you about this site and give it a go, and now you get $5!

  2. Hi Carrie, I signed up and in order to do any surveys, it wants me to do one on first. I have to enter all my credit card details and stuff and get a credit report. Did you have to do this? It makes me uneasy...

  3. So when people who make reviews are paid can we really trust that the reviews are non biased? Just sayin'.

  4. Yes. Because the make-up one is getting a BAD review so far.


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