The Baby and The Blanket

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One night, while I was holding the baby in a delusional half-awake-half-asleep state (at around 3am), I noticed that the comforter was moving up and down and I was CONVINCED our baby was somewhere under the covers and about to suffocate.

In a slight panic, I started to thrash the comforter around and very seriously and firmly told Scott "where is the baby?! Help me find her! She's somewhere under here!" At which point, a very confused and sleep deprived Scott said: "She's right there" while he was throwing around the covers in the same fashion I was.

So there we were, FRANTICALLY throwing the blankets and pillows around, all the while with me shouting: "where is she?!" and Scott shouting: "She's right there!"

Finally, I couldn't move the blankets around anymore and still safely hold my baby in my arms, so I stood up, walked to a corner of the room and swallowed a cry lump while shouting: "Find my baby! Please find my baby!"

Scott continued to throw around the covers and say: "Carrie, she's right there!" Until I woke up, and realized that I had been holding my baby the whole time.

Both of us silent and panting, Scott and I stared at each other and figured out that I had been dreaming.

It was weird.


  1. I hated those dreams...James would take the baby out of my arms after both of us fell asleep and when I woke up I freaked out because the baby was missing. Or he would tell me to scoot over so he could get in bed and I would do it in an awkward fashion because I thought I was still holding the baby and trying to scoot over.

  2. That happens to Frank. He always half-wakes up and starts fumbling around the middle of the bed looking for Lucy. The other night he grabbed the back of my thigh and started pulling thinking the baby was going to fall off the bed. I think it's fairly common for new parents... At least, I'm guessing.

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  4. This is Leah..
    haha That is hilarious!!! I've totally done similar things!!! it's amazing the games our mind plays when we're so sleep deprived!!! Congrats to you guys.. she's a doll!!

  5. This is one of the trippiest things I've ever heard of.

    Heather was telling me about how Jordan talks in his sleep about the baby almost every night.

  6. I HATE the "baby in the bed" dreams. They are the worst! But I'm pretty sure they're extremely common, which means neither of us are crazy!

  7. What a beautiful picture ! :)


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