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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I am PROUD to report:

After the 2 hours on the phone with the government, I officially know what I need in order to get what I want (which has been the battle).

After about 10 emails back and forth with a professor, I found out that I can move some classes around and OFFICIALLY GRADUATE July 2011! This is HUGE because I had one more class I had to take before I moved to Utah and didn't know how I was going to fit it in, but thanks to my sweetheart professors (who probably just want to get rid of me) everything is ironed out! I am happy that I will be in my cap and gown GRADUATING and not just walking across the stage pretending I'm graduating.
It's been a long time comin'. I'm pretty thrilled about this.

After two days in the shop, Scott and I are getting our car back tomorrow. Turns out it will cost us a few hundred dollars because there are some old parts that need to be replaced while we have her opened up. But I really feel like it is a blessing that our car decided to break down when she did. You know, at a stop light instead of on the highway. And I'm really grateful that we can get it all fixed in one shot and that that will save us money in the long run. And I'm REALLY grateful it happened right before we get our tax return so we're not really missing the money. I mean- c'mon. That's a pretty big blessing.

After sitting on the phone and on my computer getting tons of other errands figured out, my landlord came a knockin' to tell me that the exterminator will come get rid of the ants on Thursday! The ants have been hiding, but I'm happy they will be gone for good. Also with my landlord came the over-powering need to clean my apartment. It's amazing how quickly you can get things cleaned up when you're embarrassed. But it feels so nice!

After racking our brains for a fun and inexpensive anniversary getaway (last anniversary with no baby = gotta make it count), Scott found the best deal evah! If you live in the Salt Lake area and want a fun getaway to Park City follow these steps:

EDIT! We called the Hotel and they said you cannot use the city deal with their package deals! Dumb because City Deals did not explain that so we will be returning ours!

Go here and choose your package:
Go here and purchase $100 gift certificates for $50:
(if you buy this, please make sure you go through this link as I will get a $10 credit for referring you!)
Enter promo code VIP15 for 15% off
Have fun.

Yeah, that's a one night epic stay for like $42. I still can't decide between the romance package with dinner included or the massage package.

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  1. Do the massage your pregnant body will thank you. Trust me on that one! Glad everything is coming together.


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