Valentine's Day on a Budget

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So, Scott and I love Valentine's Day. We almost always have a hard winter, and we look forward to that "day of love" to leave it all behind. This year, we didn't have a bottomless pit of funds so instead of our dream hotel getaways and elaborate adventures, we both decided to do small surprises for each other.

In an effort to save money, I got Scott one of those cheesy candy-gram things. He was weirdly excited about it (probably because he guessed he was getting one like 2 weeks ago and so he had been anticipating it).

Then, Scott started the night off by surprising me and taking me up to an overlook where we had sparkling cider over the city lights. It was kind of cold, so we didn't last super long, but it was great.

After that, Scott took me out to Settebello's Pizzaria in downtown Salt Lake. After reading Eat, Pray, Love, I've been talking about authentic Italian pizza non-stop so it was very sweet that he found the one place that came closest to that. And let me tell you, it was AMAZING. I've never been to Italy but the whole time I ate this pizza I kept saying: "What IS Domino's anyway?" I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back...

To top dinner off, we found FREE parking in downtown AND I got to wear my new (maternity) little black dress. I tried to take a good picture, but this blog ain't no Daybook.

At dinner, Scott gave me a coupon book! He said: "I'm not good at hand-made..." and I noticed the book was bound backwards. :)
Anyway, in it, each coupon had like a stamp system so I have 7 opportunities to take advantage of massages, but only one opportunity to make him go to any movie I want. I absolutely love it! I also love how, next Valentine's Day the coupons will probably say less "Unexpected adventure of your choice" and more "Good for getting up with the baby in the middle of the night."

After dinner, we had a free Redbox movie so we rented Flipped (which, by the way, was adorable) and then Scott got to walk in to MY surprise for HIM:

Scott loves building forts (like a 5 year old) and I tried to make a romantic fort but it just turned into this instead. Hanging from the background are Valentine's I printed from online and some stuff I had around the house. Anyway, he loved it and said he felt like he was in a hotel. Not quite, but it was a change of scenery. Then Scott made Lemon Creme Puffs that could blow your socks off and we ate them while we watched the movie in our "hotel fort."

All in all, an inexpensive and low-key Valentine's Day that was just what we wanted.

Hope everyone else had a happy and love-filled day!



  2. Man. Jacob and I have gotta start Valentine's Day over again. I mean, the yo-yo he gave me was awesome, as was the Donny Osmond song that accompanied it, but this is EPIC.

    And that fort looks pretty damn romantic to me.

    AND YOU LOOK SO DARLING IN YOUR LIL BLACK BABY MAMA DRESS! AAaaaannd red lipstick. You're a knock-out, baby. (And mama.)

  3. Oh oh and devo today made me think of you. It was on being a humble seeker of happiness. =)

  4. Awwww. The last couple of years I haven't been all gung-ho about Valentine's Day - especially not this year since my hubby wasnt home but dang girl! You're making me totally and completely jealous of your V-Day!! BTW - Congrats on the pregnancy! That is fabulous! You're gonna LOVE being a mommy and I know you'll be an awesome one too!! :)


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