A word of advice

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sometimes, you have a really bad go. And it seems to last forever. And people tell you: "just smile and laugh!" and it starts to make you feel really guilty that you're not smiling. Or laughing.

But sometimes, folks, when situations are hard, you can't make it through with a big ol' smile on your face. Because you're focused on making it through at all.

And that's okay. It doesn't mean you're sad or depressed or angry. It just means you're focused on getting through this rough time with as little scars as possible.

Don't worry about making it through laughing.
Just focus on making it.

And pretty soon, when you're able to take normal breaths again, you'll find yourself laughing.


  1. true that. you are a wise woman, Carrie

  2. true that. you are a wise woman, Carrie

  3. you go girl!

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  4. Love you guys, hope all is well.

  5. Hang in there Carrie!

    p.s. Cheer up! I gave you a blogger award!


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