Not so new resolutions

Friday, December 31, 2010

If you've been around here for a while, you'll know that I don't really set New Year resolutions. The pressure is just too much for me. Instead, I set birthday goals and try really hard to keep those until I turn a year older. Because this year has 25 goals, I'm not about to make my life more complicated by adding a bunch of other goals that probably won't really work out.

I WILL, however, take an inventory on how I'm doing with the goals I set back on September 5th. The ones in red are completed, and the ones in blue are currently in progress.

1. Make a Cheesecake
2. Graduate from college
3. Eat vegan for a month
4. Make soap
5. Blow glass
6. Start a family
7. Do hot yoga
8. Visit Las Vegas
9. Ride a bicycle built for two
10. Sing a solo
11. Run a 10K
12. Go to a lavender festival
13. Spend a day not knowing what time it is
14. Go to dinner and a movie by myself
15. Keep a dream journal
16. Canoe with a parasol
17. Participate in a religious tradition in a religion other than my own
18. Take a R.A.D. course
19. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger once a month
20. Sew a dress
21. Have a successful etsy shop
22. Keep a list of every book I've read while 25
23. Keep my spiritual goals
24. Donate blood (needles!)
25. Juggle
So I'm not doing incredibly well. But I have a while to go, and once I have my footing in my new place- watch out!
With the new year, I am not totally immune from setting new goals. But I don't really think of them as "goals" or things I need to reach- but instead as thing that just HAVE to be accomplished. This year there are two. And I'm sure many of you have the same two in your New Year lists:
1. Stop complaining all. the. time.
2. Organize finances... again.
Weight loss probably would have been on there too if I wasn't all pregnant and stuff. What I'm saying is that it may come across that I'm all
"I'm-so-unique-because- I-don't- SET- goals- at- NEW- YEARS- like- EVERYONE- else"
but what I'm actually saying is... we're all pretty much the same when the clock strikes midnight.

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  1. Good for you to challenge your fear of needles and donate blood. Somebody out there donated blood many years ago and saved my life. They have no idea how grateful I am.


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