Sunday Reflections

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I haven't done a Sunday Reflection in a long time.

I have been thinking a lot lately about what feminism is. Agree or disagree, this is my opinion.

True feminism is not women needing/wanting to become men. But instead, having their divine roles and attributes be held in the same esteem as the roles and attributes that are natural to men. It is about an equal level of respect between the two sexes, not the diminishing of two sexes into one unisex society.

I have a very strong testimony of this principle. I am a woman in a world where women are expected to act like men, and then are called tight-wads. In a world where a woman embraces her feminity and then is called too soft. A world where women just can't seem to win.

Luckily for me, I have married a man who understands true feminism. We pull our own weight, and really try to love each other for our masculine and feminine qualities.

We can't get through this life alone- we need one another's strengths.


  1. I agree! I am a feminist through and through! And I don't mean I want to be like a man, but I do want to be respected as a human being. Women are still not treated as well as men, but we've sure come a long way. We have our separate roles and each are important. Embracing femininity, not running from it, is feminism, I think.

  2. wonderful thoughts Carrie. I really agree and hope more women will recognize this 'true feminism' that you've described :)

  3. Your definition of feminism is so good! I love it. And you.

  4. Yes, I think women's rights are about choices and respect. And I think men are in a tough spot now, too. There was a Newsweek article about how men are in identity crisis now, too, because they're expected to be macho, tough, providers, and sensitive and romantic, and involved co-parents, etc. I often feel confused about how I will live my role as a woman in the way that is best for me, my marriage, and my daughter. But I'm glad I have choices to make!

  5. Anna, I LOVE that you said you are glad you have those choices to make. Seriously! There are so many women in the world that don't have a choice on what kind of woman they are/want to be. Thanks for that comment.

  6. yay for men! yay for women! yay for our divine roles!


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