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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today is day 17 (sucka's): a drunk photo of you.

Contrary to what you see above, I have never been drunk. Never even licked the bottle cap of a beer bottle. But I'm high on life- and in this case, sparkling apple cider.
Also, I don't remember the girl in this photo's name. It was a Christmas party from 2005, but not knowing her name makes me wonder if someone had spiked the cider you know what I'm sayin?


  1. You are the coolest. Made my day!

  2. Anonymous7:46 AM

    hahaha! well you impersonate a drunk well, bad talent to have? :)

  3. Awesome picture and I'm right with ya girl. I've never even touched the bottle with my mouth, it stinks like horse peepee and I don't want that near my face ;o)


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