Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Holy behind on all the shiz I've been doing! Here's a peek:

I know it's small (cuz it's from me cell phone), but this is me getting my book signed by Brandon Mull. How often do you a start a series and then the author comes to your po-dunk town?

Going to the pumpkin patch 1 week before Halloween = no pumpkins but still fun.

All dressed up for the Social Work department Halloween Party. Can you guess what I was?

If you guessed "Tiger Woods" you know me too well.
I won a prize.

We bought the wig and the beard trying to make Scott into Hagrid. It didn't work- so he was a truck driver. For like the third year in a row.

Last night, Scott surprised me with a vegan curry meal (SO GOOD) and a date to the museum of Idaho where they had a Da Vinci exhibit. This is us in the eight mirror room:

(^Not pregnant, by the way. Just standing weird. Really weird...)

Sorry to those of you who are friends with me on facebook- you get everything twice.

But stayed tuned! Tomorrow will be Seeker of Happiness's very first GUEST BLOGGER!
Ooooo.... I wonder who it will be pinsandneedlespinsandneedles

Also- THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Panache is having a giveaway. And I want to win.


  1. Very creative with the whole Tiger Woods thing!

    Just Better Together

  2. just so you know, I brag about your OUTstanding halloween costume ideas to just about everyone I know, and I've shown this tiger woods picture to at least 10 people today alone. I might write a post about it.

  3. So...don't think me a creeper, but I got on your blog to find an old entry I was thinking about, forgot what I was looking for, and just starting reading old stuff. Awesome thing I noticed?

    In that picture, you totally ARE pregnant. =) You found out shortly after this.


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