And so it Ve-gan...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

*UPDATE: Just so we're all clear:
I am NOT being vegan for the month of October to eat healthier.
I feel like I have a pretty balanced diet and I am NOT looking to make a GIGANTIC change in my diet or the way I live my life.
This is an EXPERIMENT!
I am simply trying to explore the culture and lifestyle of a vegan to see what's it like, how I feel, and what I will have to go through to eat in an untraditional way.
Further, I believe that the intimate choices of what to eat are between the person and God- so I do not judge those that eat meat, dairy, sugar, veggies or anything else.

I have been so surprised at the response I've gotten from my decision to be vegan for at least the month of October.

So many people have told me: "I've always wanted to try that..."

Well, now's your chance. What are you waiting for? We only have today.
Let's help each other out!

Take this vegan... I don't know... "challenge" with me and let other people know what you're doing so they will give you ideas, and you can give me THOSE idea's and we can all be swimming in this non-dairy, non-meat, idea public pool together.

Maybe you're already vegan. Join in, anyway- we can learn a lot from you! Whether you're living it now, or you've been wanting to make the change permanently or just experiment like me, I think it will fun to chronicle our time together.

It should be interesting.

Every Friday, go ahead and blog about your experience.
Recipes, trials, triumphs, dirty looks, congratulations, whatever- I want to know!

Grab a button. Let's get started.

*Update Again:

I have gotten HATE MAIL. Seriously. Some lady emailed me really mad about my choice to be vegan this month. It's the most HILARIOUS thing I have ever read in my life! You can read about it here.
And this is for Liz, as per request:


  1. Hey, I'm not going to go vegan this month, can I blog about just eating regular food on Fridays?

  2. Hells yes. It'll be like a challenge. You blog about your food and then I'll try to eat the same thing, but without dairy and meat.

  3. I'm dying to know if your husband is doing it with you. Mine would rather die than give up his meat and sour cream :)

  4. Haha, no he's not. But he's stopped making fun of me and is willing to try some things :)

  5. Hey Carrie! I just want to say you're great and I think this is a great idea! I'm vegetarian myself and I think it's wonderful (I couldn't ever be vegan because I love cheese WAY too much)! I commend you for your willingness to try new things and I will keep checking in to see how it's going! I love and miss you!

  6. It is unrealistic for me to cut out dairy, but I will join you this month MEAT-FREE! I've been slowly cutting back on meat for a few months, and while I lack the willpower to completely give it up, I think October will be managable. I think it's pretty bold of you to choose no dairy (no chocolate) with Halloween...but I suppose you could have some in November! If there is vegan chocolate in the world, I want no part of it. Incidentally, I had no meat yesterday so I am off to a good start.

  7. Ok I can't believe that woman emailed you being so self righteous. In the scriptures it does say meat sparingly and we eat more meat than any other country in the world. I think she way overanalyzed your reference to the scriptures. I agree with the girl who posted the email about all the hormones and nitrates in meat.

  8. you can do it! and i can't wait to read about it :) i am a cheating vegetarian [occasional fishies] and am interested in how this goes for you :)

  9. let me know if you need recipe conversion help; i'm really good at turning non-vegan recipes vegan. i've got all kinds of tricks up my sleeves. and haters be hating...but i agreed with the part in liz's post about incorrect punctuation, it denies them all credibility! lol. but seriously, they have no life and I'LL be praying for THEM as a "concerned sister."

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