Monday, August 16, 2010

So we're currently in Utah state helping Scott's parents a little around their screen printing biznaz. I will post pictures soon, but they seriously have the coolest business ever and it's exploding. I also heard they have a really SEXY salesman.

Oh YEAH: it's my husband.

Anyway, I thought since I've been to their house and the shop and back I knew my way around their town, but apparently not. It's the most confusing place to drive. All roads in this area look EXACTLY THE SAME. Sprinkle in a tailgater or two, a billion roads being blown up by construction and you have Utah.

And everyone that lives here tries to give you directions:

"Head WEST."
-Do I look like I have a compass?

"Head toward the mountains."
-Well, there's mountains on either side.

"It's a GRID. It's not HARD."
-No other place in the world is mapped out as a grid, so how does that make it easier?

At one point, I came to a street that was 200 W one way, and Orchard Dr. the other way. And the cross street was 2600 S one way, and Orchard Dr. the other way.

So, here in Utah, you can stand on the corner of Orchard Dr. and Orchard Dr.

Good luck.


  1. amen. although, since living in Utah (boo) I, Anna, have actually started to understand the roads. Just don't ask how to get to a specific church. "Well, it will be up past the light on the corner." Oh wait. There is a church on EVERY corner. So confusing.

  2. I hate the grid. I hate it.


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