Birthday Wishlists (Because I Can)

Monday, August 30, 2010

My birthday is in less than a week, which means I have every excuse to skim the internet for things I want and point and say "I wan' tha" like a two year-old.

Totally Impractical Birthday Wishlist List:

One of these dresses from ModCloth

The Harry Potter Complete Set

This Bike

An adorable reading nook

This light.

This paper cut-out

This bed.

A trip here.

More Practical Birthday Wishlist:

- Acrylic nails
- A 60 minute massage
- Mockingjay
- A clean house
- Anything that smells like lavender
- Restaurant/movie gift certificates
- Scrapbook supplies/Craft store gift certificates
- Books
- Clothes from Panache
- This hat
- A birthday party with friends


  1. Ooh ooh me too me too!!!

    I love my birthday. And yours.

  2. We found the whole Harry Potter series lightly used for DIRT CHEAP at the used book store next to Winco In Idaho Falls. Seriously, check it out if the place still exists. I think we spent $40 on 6 books (the 7th wasn't out yet).

  3. That bike is awesome! Good pick!


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