Saturday, July 24, 2010

The end of another semester in a college town brings with it tons and tons of left-over food. Since so many are moving out of their apartments in a hurry, they have to get rid of all the food mom and dad bought them at the case-lot sale four months again. While I've heard of some people donating their goods, most throw it away since it's already been opened.

Scott and I use this time to circle our single college friend's apartments like vultures. In the past two days we have collected all of this:

And this:

The second picture includes more frozen meat than I ever would have bought myself, and two large bottles of a "Gogi diet supplement" drink... who knows. Who cares? It was free.


  1. i totally just went to my little brother's apartment and filled a laundry basked with all of his/his roommate's food. we got a TON of frozen fruit, fancy frozen cinnamon roll dough, a massive jug of soy sauce, salsa, butter, cereal...yeah. AWESOME.

  2. What is UP. This reminds me...I think I'm going to scavenge the dumpsters @ The Ridge tomorrow. There are always cool things like Pearl Jam posters and exercise balls and ironing boards. I don't know if scavenging like that is illegal, but I'm just trying to save mama earth by making the landfills a little less full.

  3. boo ya, people after my own heart. you know our family motto...

  4. You make me laugh. Haha... So true. Remember all the Oatmeal I had under my bed when I moved out of Brittanii's house? ahahaha

  5. best thing I've seen in a while. And liz! I dumpster dived (?) at the ridge before and got amazing things- my friend shaun got a green lava lamp too. So worth it.


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